What is Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides business leaders with the power to understand corporate data accurately. It increases productivity by integrating business functionality through an embedded smart platform. The most important features are summarized below.

Dynamics 365 Business Central on the go

A modern ERP platform must be able to integrate advanced technologies such as cloud environments, mobile and machine learning to adapt to unforeseen events and evolving business processes.

Business Central is a cloud-based ERP. On-premises and hybrid deployments are possible, designed as a cloud platform is an important point for promoting innovation and allowing Users to be able to access the system anywhere, anytime.

Smart Users Interface

Business Central works seamlessly with Microsoft applications such as Office 365 (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).  making workflows faster and more efficient. Microsoft Flow simplifies automation capabilities and enhances collaboration. And other features help increase Users efficiency for business operations improvement;

  • Financial visualization
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Simple personalization
  • Seamless search

Seamless Integration

By integrating critical functionality through embedded smart systems, Business Central provides a comprehensive view of your business. In addition, Business Central is adapted for real-time updates. This allows businesses to identify new trends, discover recurring problems, and engage with customers in a more effective way.

In addition, the sales team can manage all business processes within Business Central from start to finish. Business Central breaks the barrier between ERP and CRM and gives teams a comprehensive view of customer and service operations. 

Business Central License Pricing


$ 100

Monthly Fee per User

    In addition to Essentials features, it includes:

  • Service Order Management – Service Orders, Service Price Management, Service Item Management, Service Contract Management, Planning, Dispatch.
  • Manufacturing – Jobs, version control, agile manufacturing, basic supply planning, demand forecasting, capacity planning, machine centers, finite loads


$ 70

Monthly Fee per User

  • Financial Management – General Ledger, Workflow and Audit Trail, Banking, Budget, Deferral, Banking Adjustments, Dimensions, Fixed Assets and Currencies.
  • Customer Management – Built-in integration with contacts, campaigns, opportunity management and Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Supply Chain Management -Sales Order Management, Basic Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Management, Locations, Item Transfers, and Basic Warehouse Management.
  • Resources – Employees, Payroll, Expense Management.
  • Project Management – Resources, Quotes, Jobs, Timesheets.
  • Other – Multiple languages, reason codes, extended text, intrastat reports, scheduled tasks, and integration with Outlook.

Team Member

$ 8

Monthly Fee per User

Limited functionality:

  • Read the table for the entire application
  • Approve workflow instance
  • Edit purchase and sales quotes
  • Editing timesheets and personal information
  • Update existing financial entries